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 * FileUtils is a collection of routines for common file system operations.
 * @author Dan Jemiolo (danj)

public final class FileUtils {

   * This is a convenience method that calls find(File, String, boolean) with
   * the last parameter set to "false" (does not match directories).
   * @see #find(File, String, boolean)
  public static File find(File contextRoot, String fileName) {
    return find(contextRoot, fileName, false);

   * Searches through the directory tree under the given context directory and
   * finds the first file that matches the file name. If the third parameter is
   * true, the method will also try to match directories, not just "regular"
   * files.
   * @param contextRoot
   *          The directory to start the search from.
   * @param fileName
   *          The name of the file (or directory) to search for.
   * @param matchDirectories
   *          True if the method should try and match the name against directory
   *          names, not just file names.
   * @return The representing the <em>first</em> file or
   *         directory with the given name, or null if it was not found.
  public static File find(File contextRoot, String fileName, boolean matchDirectories) {
    if (contextRoot == null)
      throw new NullPointerException("NullContextRoot");

    if (fileName == null)
      throw new NullPointerException("NullFileName");

    if (!contextRoot.isDirectory()) {
      Object[] filler = { contextRoot.getAbsolutePath() };
      String message = "NotDirectory";
      throw new IllegalArgumentException(message);

    File[] files = contextRoot.listFiles();

    // for all children of the current directory...
    for (int n = 0; n < files.length; ++n) {
      String nextName = files[n].getName();

      // if we find a directory, there are two possibilities:
      // 1. the names match, AND we are told to match directories.
      // in this case we're done
      // 2. not told to match directories, so recurse
      if (files[n].isDirectory()) {
        if (nextName.equals(fileName) && matchDirectories)
          return files[n];

        File match = find(files[n], fileName);

        if (match != null)
          return match;

      // in the case of regular files, just check the names
      else if (nextName.equals(fileName))
        return files[n];

    return null;


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