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The Shell object represents a window-either a top-level window or a dialog window. Shell Styles:

BORDERAdds a border.
CLOSEAdds a close button.
MINAdds a minimize button.
MAXAdds a maximize button.
NO_TRIMCreates a Shell that has no border and can't be moved, closed, resized, minimized, or maximized. (Useful for splash screens).
RESIZEAdds a resizable border.
TITLEAdds a title bar.
DIALOG_TRIMConvenience style, equivalent to TITLE | CLOSE | BORDER.
SHELL_TRIMConvenience style, equivalent to CLOSE | TITLE | MIN | MAX | RESIZE.
APPLICATION_MODALCreates a Shell that's modal to the application. Note that you should specify only one of APPLICATION_MODAL, PRIMARY_MODAL, SYSTEM_MODAL, or MODELESS; you can specify more, but only one is applied. The order of preference is SYSTEM_MODAL, APPLICATION_MODAL, PRIMARY_MODAL, then MODELESS.
PRIMARY_MODALCreates a primary modal Shell.
SYSTEM_MODALCreates a Shell that's modal system-wide.
MODELESSCreates a modeless Shell.

17.4.1.Understanding the Shell Object
17.4.2.Creating Shells
17.4.3.Open a shell minimized (iconified)
17.4.4.Open a shell maximized (full screen)
17.4.5.Center a shell on the primary monitorCenter a shell on the primary monitor
17.4.6.Set icons with different resolutions
17.4.7.Create a non-rectangular windowCreate a non-rectangular window
17.4.8.Create a non-rectangular shell to simulate transparencyCreate a non-rectangular shell to simulate transparency
17.4.9.Create non-rectangular shell from an image with transparencyCreate non-rectangular shell from an image with transparency
17.4.10.Allow escape to close a shellAllow escape to close a shell
17.4.11.Prevent a shell from closing (prompt the user)Prevent a shell from closing (prompt the user)
17.4.12.Create GC from Shell and paint on windowCreate GC from Shell and paint on window
17.4.13.Getting Controls on a shellGetting Controls on a shell
17.4.14.Set default Button for ShellSet default Button for Shell
17.4.15.Get Default ButtonGet Default Button
17.4.16.Shell with SWT.SHELL_TRIM|SWT.TOOL styleShell with SWT.SHELL_TRIM|SWT.TOOL style
17.4.17.Ring ShellRing Shell
17.4.18.Set left upper corner imageSet left upper corner image
17.4.19.Shell without Title bar
17.4.20.ON_TOP: This style bit causes the shell to always float on the top of the desktop.
17.4.21.SHELL_TRIM = (CLOSE | TITLE | MIN | MAX | RESIZE): top-level shells.SHELL_TRIM = (CLOSE | TITLE | MIN | MAX | RESIZE): top-level shells.
17.4.22.DIALOG_TRIM = (CLOSE | TITLE | BORDER): dialog shells.
17.4.24.TOOL: the shell is a tool window(floating toolbars)
17.4.25.Shell States
17.4.26.Setting the Title