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19.6.1.Get the date of a url connection
19.6.2.Get the document expiration date
19.6.3.Get the document Last-modified date
19.6.4.Show the content type
19.6.5.Show the content length
19.6.6.Display request method
19.6.7.Get response code
19.6.8.Display response message
19.6.9.Display header information

19.6.10.Download and display the content
19.6.11.A Web Page Source Viewer
19.6.12.Reading from a URLConnection
19.6.13.Use BufferedReader to read content from a URL
19.6.14.Check if a page exists
19.6.15.Identify ourself to a proxy
19.6.16.Connect through a Proxy can be used to send the credentials when needed
19.6.18.Read data from a URL
19.6.19.Dump a page using the HTTPS protocol

19.6.20.Save URL contents to a file
19.6.21.Http connection Utilities
19.6.22.Parsing and formatting HTTP dates as used in cookies and other headers.
19.6.23.Last Modified
19.6.24.URL connection and proxy
19.6.25.Http Constants
19.6.26.Http Header Helper
19.6.27.A utility class for parsing HTTP dates as used in cookies and other headers