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17.1.1.Cell function
17.1.2.=CELL ("address") returns the address of the last changed cell.=CELL (
17.1.3.=CELL("color", B3) tells whether B3 is formatted for color-negative numbers=CELL(
17.1.4.=CELL ("contents",B3) returns the contents of B3.=CELL (
17.1.5.=CELL ("filename") returns the path, filename, and work sheet name of the workbook and worksheet=CELL (
17.1.6.=CELL ("format",D1) returns a number format=CELL (
17.1.7.=CELL ("parentheses", D2) returns 1 if a cell is formatted to have either positive values or all values displayed with parentheses.=CELL (
17.1.8.=CELL("prefix", A1) returns the type of text alignment in a cell.=CELL(
17.1.9.=CELL ("protect",A1) returns 1 if a protection is set to locked=CELL (

17.1.10.=CELL("row", B6) returns the row number of the first cell in the range=CELL(
17.1.11.=CELL("row", Summary) returns the row number of the first cell in the name=CELL(
17.1.12.=CELL("type", A1) returns the type of information in a cell.=CELL(
17.1.13.=CELL("width") returns the width of the last changed cell, rounded to an integer.=CELL(
17.1.14.=CELL("width", A1) returns the width of A1=CELL(