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17.3.1.INFO(type_text) returns information about the current environment
17.3.2.=INFO("numfile") return the number of active worksheets=INFO(
17.3.3.=INFO("recalc") returns the recalculation mode for the workbook=INFO(
17.3.4.=INFO("directory") returns the path of the current directory.=INFO(
17.3.5.=INFO("origin") returns the address of the cell at the top and to the left of the scrollable area=INFO(
17.3.6.=INFO("osversion") returns the name of the current operating system=INFO(
17.3.7.=INFO("release") returns the version number of Excel being run=INFO(
17.3.8.=INFO("system") returns the name of the operating environment: either mac or pcdos=INFO(
17.3.9.Combine IF and INFO formula to check the Excel versionCombine IF and INFO formula to check the Excel version