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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial
2.Editing Format
4.Chart Table
5.WordArt Picture Clip Art Shape
6.Add ins Macro ActiveX
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Right-click the hyperlink. Click Remove Hyperlink.
Right-click the hyperlink. Click Remove Hyperlink.

3.23.1.Add a Hyperlink to a Slide ObjectAdd a Hyperlink to a Slide Object
3.23.2.Add a Sound to a HyperlinkAdd a Sound to a Hyperlink
3.23.3.Create a Hyperlink to Another PresentationCreate a Hyperlink to Another Presentation
3.23.4.Create a Hyperlink to an External FileCreate a Hyperlink to an External File
3.23.5.Create a Hyperlink to a Web PageCreate a Hyperlink to a Web Page
3.23.6.Create a Hyperlink to a ProgramCreate a Hyperlink to a Program
3.23.7.Insert a Hyperlink Within a PresentationInsert a Hyperlink Within a Presentation
3.23.8.Insert a Hyperlink Between DocumentsInsert a Hyperlink Between Documents
3.23.9.Create a hyperlink to send e-mailCreate a hyperlink to send e-mail
3.23.10.Edit a HyperlinkEdit a Hyperlink
3.23.11.Remove a HyperlinkRemove a Hyperlink
3.23.12.Format a hyperlinkFormat a hyperlink  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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