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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial
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2.17.5.Open and edit Normal.dotm

The file Normal.dotm stores your default style settings.

Choose Microsoft Office. Click Open.
Click Open.
Click Trusted Templates in the Look in navigation bar.
Click Trusted Templates in the Look in navigation bar.
Select Normal.dotm, and click Open.
Select Normal.dotm, and click Open.
2.17.1.Using Templates
2.17.2.Creating a Document Using a TemplateCreating a Document Using a Template
2.17.3.Create a TemplateCreate a Template
2.17.4.Open a TemplateOpen a Template
2.17.5.Open and edit Normal.dotmOpen and edit Normal.dotm
2.17.6.Load, Unload, or Attach TemplatesLoad, Unload, or Attach Templates
2.17.7.To convert a template into a documentTo convert a template into a document
2.17.8.Converting templates from earlier versions to Word 2007Converting templates from earlier versions to Word 2007
2.17.9.To add or remove one a global template or add-inTo add or remove one a global template or add-in
2.17.10.Remove one a global template or add-inRemove one a global template or add-in
2.17.11.Attach a template to a documentAttach a template to a document
2.17.12.Copy Functionality Between TemplatesCopy Functionality Between Templates  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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