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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial
3.Style Formatting
4.Shape Picture WordArt SmartArt Clip Art
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2.1.1.Select Text
To selectDo
A single wordDouble-click the word.
A single paragraphTriple-click a word.
A single lineClick in the left margin next to the line.
Any part of a documentDrag from the beginning to the end of the section.
A large selectionClick at the beginning of the text, and then hold Shift while you click at the end of the text.
The entire documentTriple-click in the left margin.
An outline heading or subheading in Outline viewClick the bullet, plus sign, or minus sign.

2.1.1.Select Text
2.1.2.Correct Typing Errors Using the Keyboard
2.1.3.Move Text Using Drag-and-Drop inside one documentMove Text Using Drag-and-Drop inside one document
2.1.4.Selecting textSelecting text
2.1.5.Text selection with keyboardText selection with keyboard
2.1.6.Additional ways to select textAdditional ways to select text
2.1.7.Copy and Paste with keyboardCopy and Paste with keyboard
2.1.8.Cut and Paste with keyboardCut and Paste with keyboard
2.1.9.Drag and drop text between documentsDrag and drop text between documents
2.1.10.Copy and paste with buttons on RibbonCopy and paste with buttons on Ribbon
2.1.11.Cut and paste with buttons on RibbonCut and paste with buttons on Ribbon
2.1.12.Paste OptionsPaste Options
2.1.13.Paste Special: a more complete set of paste optionsPaste Special: a more complete set of paste options
2.1.14.Paste Information with Special ResultsPaste Information with Special Results
2.1.15.Delete commands
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