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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial
3.Style Formatting
4.Shape Picture WordArt SmartArt Clip Art
8.Controls ActiveX Macro
9.Mail Merge
Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial » Mail Merge » Data Source 
9.1.4.Edit a Data Document
Click the Mailings tab. 
          Click the Start Mail Merge button. 
          Then click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
Click the Mailings tab.
The Mail Merge task pane opens
The Mail Merge task pane opens
Select the type of document. Then Click Next.
Select the type of document.
In Step 2, use the default settings. Then Click Next.
Select the type of document.
On Step of in the Mail Merge task pane, click Edit recipient list.
On Step 3 of 6 in the Mail Merge task pane, click Edit recipient list.
Select the data source.
Select the data source.
Click Edit
Click Edit
Then make the changes to the fields.
Then make the changes you want to the fields.
Then select any existing record
Then select any existing record
Then click New Entry to add new record
Then click New Entry to add new record
Or click Delete Entry to remove the selected record
Or click Delete Entry to remove the selected record
Click OK.
Click OK.
To retain the record in the data document, 
          but exclude it from the merge, 
          clear check mark next to record.
To retain the record in the data document, but exclude it from the merge, clear check mark next to record.
When you're done, click OK.
When you're done, click OK.
9.1.Data Source
9.1.1.Importing Data from a DatabaseImporting Data from a Database
9.1.2.Connect the document to a data source manuallyConnect the document to a data source manually
9.1.3.Create a Data DocumentCreate a Data Document
9.1.4.Edit a Data DocumentEdit a Data Document
9.1.5.Refine the data source manuallyRefine the data source manually
9.1.6.Sort and Filter RecordsSort and Filter Records
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