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2.4.Order By
2.4.1.Sorting Rows Using the ORDER BY Clause
2.4.2.Sort last name ascending
2.4.3.Sort last name descending
2.4.4.Sort one column ascending and another column descending
2.4.5.Sort by index ascending and descending
2.4.6.Reference alias name in order by clause
2.4.7.Order by a calculated column
2.4.8.Sort the rows by descending order with DESC appended to order by clause
2.4.9.Sort two columns with different ordering

2.4.10.Use a column position number in the ORDER BY clause
2.4.11.A SELECT with Ordering
2.4.12.Order the table on the employee's original salary (orig_salary)
2.4.13.Order by two columns
2.4.14.Add aggregate function in order by clause
2.4.15.Order by username
2.4.16.Combine order by clause with case statement
2.4.17.Order Your Email