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2.11.AND OR
2.11.1.Use AND to link two conditions
2.11.2.Use 'OR' to link two conditions
2.11.3.Combine three conditions with OR
2.11.4.(state = 'CA') OR (state <> 'CA') or 1=0 and 0=1 (case 1)
2.11.6.(1=1 or 1=0) and 0=1 (case 2) or (1=0 and 0=1) (case 3)
2.11.9.Combine NOT and AND

2.11.10.Not Equal and OR
2.11.11.Replace IN operator with or operator
2.11.12.Combine conditions with AND and OR
2.11.13.Use parenthesis to change the order of AND and OR