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2.15.1.Using the CASE Expression
2.15.2.The following example illustrates the use of a simple CASE expression:
2.15.3.Using Searched CASE Expressions
2.15.4.The following example illustrates the use of a searched CASE expression:
2.15.5.Use logical operators in a searched CASE expression
2.15.6.Use CASE statement to deal with NULL
2.15.7.Use case when and grouping function together
2.15.8.Use case when clause to decode value
2.15.9.Use case when statement with between ... and

2.15.10.Use case when statement with exists and subquery
2.15.11.Use case when statement with in()
2.15.12.Use case when statement with to_char() like
2.15.13.Use case when with comparasion operator
2.15.14.Use Case to output null value
2.15.15.Wrap case when into sum() function