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6.1.Create Table
6.1.1.Creating a Table
6.1.2.Create table with storage setting
6.1.3.Create table with storage setting 2
6.1.4.Create an external table
6.1.5.Create copy table
6.1.6.Create a table from one or more other tables
6.1.7.Rename a table
6.1.8.One column with three constraints
6.1.9.Use referencing columns

6.1.10.Create a table based on a hash cluster
6.1.11.Create table with 'organization index OVERFLOW'
6.1.12.Create table with 'organization index'
6.1.13.Cascade delete setting
6.1.14.Demonstrate a simple External table
6.1.15.Create intermediate table for calculation
6.1.16.Make myCode a CACHE table.