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6.3.Alter Table
6.3.1.Altering a Table
6.3.2.Some of the aspects of a column you can modify using ALTER TABLE
6.3.3.Adding a Column
6.3.4.ADD initially_created DATE DEFAULT SYSDATE NOT NULL;
6.3.5.Changing the Size of a Column
6.3.6.Decrease the length of a column
6.3.7.Changing the Precision of a Numeric Column
6.3.8.Decrease the precision of a numeric column
6.3.9.Changing the Data Type of a Column

6.3.10.Fill data into new added table column
6.3.11.Changing the Default Value of a Column
6.3.12.Alter table to add new constraint for new added column
6.3.14.Alter table to add primary key
6.3.15.Alter table to add primary key across more than one columns
6.3.16.Dropping a Column
6.3.17.New added columns are empty
6.3.18.Alter table to add unique with tablespace and storage setting
6.3.19.Alter table to add primary key with tablespace and storage setting

6.3.20.alter table nologging