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16.13.1.GROUPING() with a Single Column in a ROLLUP
16.13.2.Using DECODE() to Convert the Returned Value from GROUPING()
16.13.3.Using DECODE() and GROUPING() to Convert Multiple Column Values
16.13.4.Using GROUPING() with CUBE
16.13.5.Using the GROUPING SETS Clause
16.13.6.Computing the GROUPING Bit Vector
16.13.7.Using the GROUP_ID() Function
16.13.8.Eliminate duplicate rows using a HAVING clause that only allows rows whose GROUP_ID() is 0
16.13.9.Grouping with Rollup and Cube

16.13.10.Use GROUPING(x) function in a DECODE or CASE to enhance the result
16.13.11.Use the BREAK reporting tool to space the display conveniently
16.13.12.Getting Values and Subtotals in One Go with GROUPING SETS