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16.24.1.Using the ROLLUP Clause
16.24.2.Passing Multiple Columns to ROLLUP
16.24.3.Changing the Position of Columns Passed to ROLLUP
16.24.4.Uses AVG() with ROLLUP
16.24.5.Using a Column Multiple Times in a GROUP BY Clause
16.24.6.The ROLLUP function was provided to conveniently give the sum on the aggregate.
16.24.7.A two-dimensional grouping with ROLLUP
16.24.8.A SUM using ROLLUP.
16.24.9.Rollup with two columns

16.24.10.Case with grouping and rollup
16.24.11.Count employees, group by ROLLUP(department no, job title) by ROLLUP(department no, job title)