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22.1.1.Conditional Logic
22.1.2.Handling conditions
22.1.3.A Simple Condition Statement
22.1.4.A Simple Condition Statement with BOOLEAN variable
22.1.5.The IF...THEN...ELSE Statement
22.1.6.Use IF THEN ELSE IF
22.1.7.IF...ELSE statements
22.1.8.Using an ELSIF Statement
22.1.9.IF..ELSIF ladder

22.1.10.Block IF statement
22.1.11.IF with ELSE
22.1.12.The Syntax for IF...ELSIF
22.1.13.ELSIF Ladder
22.1.14.The Syntax for Nested IF Statements
22.1.15.Use if with 'IN'
22.1.16.Three valued comparison
22.1.17.JUMP out of a IF statement with goto
22.1.18.Comparing with NULL
22.1.19.If block statement

22.1.20.Create a function and call it in an if statement
22.1.21.PLW-06002: Unreachable code