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22.21.1.Autonomous Transactions

Oracle can suspend a transaction and transfer execution control to an independent child transaction.

This child transaction is called an autonomous transaction.

An autonomous transaction is completely independent of the calling transaction.

An autonomous transaction does not share resources, locks, or any commit dependencies with the main transaction.

Autonomous transactions can include just as much functionality as any other database transactions.

Autonomous transactions are useful for creating software components that can be reused in numerous applications.

One advantage of using an autonomous transaction is that DML can be executed and committed, even if the main transaction is rolled back.

Setting up the syntax for an autonomous transaction

Autonomous Transaction Syntax

    pragma autonomous_transaction;
    number of statements
 commit;(or rollback;?End of transaction 1
    number of statements
 commit;(or rollback;?End of transaction 2

A pragma autonomous transaction is a PL/SQL compiler directive to define an autonomous transaction.

This PL/SQL compiler directive can be used to define:

Top-level anonymous blocks

Local, standalone, or packaged functions and procedures

Database triggers

Methods of object types

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22.21.Autonomous Transaction
22.21.1.Autonomous Transactions
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22.21.4.Mark an anonymous block 'pragma autonomous_transaction'
22.21.5.'pragma autonomous_transaction' package member procedure
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