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Identifying Exception Types

Error Code PrefixIndicates This Exception Type of Error
ORACore RDBMS errors
PLSPL/SQL errors
FRMOracle Forms errors
REPOracle Reports errors

Oracle function SQLCODE returns the type and code of the most recently raised exception.

Exception names are usually associated with exceptions that you create yourself.

The exception message is a text string that describes the exception.

The function SQLERRM returns the text of the error message for the most recently raised exception.

24.14.2.Types of more commonly used Exceptions
24.14.3.Exception Handling
24.14.4.The NULL Statement
24.14.5.ZERO_DIVIDE Exception
24.14.6.When the exception occurs, program control passes to the EXCEPTION block where the WHEN clause is examined for a matching exception.
24.14.7.Understanding Different Exception Types
24.14.8.DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX Exception
24.14.9.INVALID_NUMBER Exception
24.14.10.Catch 'divide by zero' exception
24.14.11.OTHERS Exception
24.14.12.Because OTHERS handles all exceptions, you must list it after any specific exceptions in your EXCEPTION block.
24.14.13.Declare variables in exception handler
24.14.14.Data not found exception
24.14.15.Too many rows exception