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25.8.Implicit Cursor
25.8.1.Taking a Shortcut with CURSOR FOR Loops
25.8.2.%ISOPEN, %FOUND, %NOTFOUND variables aren't useful at all in CURSOR FOR loops
25.8.3.Implicit Cursor Attributes: SQL%NOTFOUND
25.8.4.Implicit Cursor Attributes Example: SQL%ROWCOUNT
25.8.5.NO_DATA_FOUND Exception vs. %NOTFOUND
25.8.6.Looping through a Cursor by Using the LOOP Command
25.8.7.Adding an Exception Handler to a CURSOR FOR Loop
25.8.8.Knowing what record is processing
25.8.9.Use %ROWCOUNT to detect what record you are processing at a given point

25.8.10.Declare and use a cursor in for loop
25.8.11.Implicit cursor open, fetch and close
25.8.12.Handling exceptions in implicit cursors
25.8.13.Returning an implicit cursor into a record
25.8.14.The Difference between Explicit and Implicit Cursors
25.8.15.Implicit Cursor: Too many rows
25.8.16.Implicit Cursor: No rows found
25.8.17.Use implicit or explicit cursor to insert 50000 rows to a table
25.8.18.Test cursor attributes with an implicit cursor