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26.3.VARRAY Column
26.3.1.Stored VARRAYS
26.3.2.Using a Varray Type to Define a Column in a Table
26.3.3.Display the structure of a table with a valarray column
26.3.4.Populating a Varray with Elements
26.3.5.Selecting Varray Elements
26.3.6.Modifying Varray Elements
26.3.7.Set empty varray value
26.3.8.Define function to get the first value in varray
26.3.9.Insert on whole VARRAYS

26.3.10.UPDATE on varray column in PL/SQL block
26.3.11.UPDATE on varray column
26.3.12.DELETE on varray column
26.3.13.SELECT into with varray column