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26.7.Associative Arrays
26.7.1.Associative Arrays demo
26.7.2.Associative arrays (index-by tables)
26.7.3.PL/SQL Table
26.7.4.Index by string
26.7.5.Nested Table with Table row elements inside
26.7.6.Assign value to PL/SQL table
26.7.8.Clear the salaries table by assigning the empty version to it
26.7.9.Place some values into the salaries table

26.7.10.PL/SQL table of cursor
26.7.11.Select data into PL/SQL table of cursor
26.7.12.Use For loop to output data in a PL/SQL table of cursor
26.7.13.Use for all loop to loop through the PL/SQL table
26.7.14.Change PL/SQL table element by index
26.7.15.Insert data in PL/SQL table to a real table
26.7.16.The COUNT Table Attribute
26.7.17.Uses the COUNT method to display the number of rows contained in an index-by table
26.7.18.The DELETE Table Attribute
26.7.19.The EXISTS Table Attribute

26.7.20.FIRST and LAST Table Attributes
26.7.21.NEXT and PRIOR Table Attributes
26.7.23.Indexing Associative Arrays