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26.12.1.SET Operator
26.12.2.IS A SET operator checks whether a variable is a VARRAY or NESTED TABLE collection variable
26.12.3.IS A SET, table collection
26.12.4.MULTISET EXCEPT operator finds the elements remaining from the first set after removing any matching elements from the second set
26.12.5.MULTISET EXCEPT table collection
26.12.6.MULTISET INTERSECT operator finds the intersection or matching values between two sets
26.12.7.MULTISET INTERSECT table collection
26.12.8.MULTISET UNION DISTINCT table collection
26.12.9.MULTISET UNION operator performs a UNION ALL operation on two collections

26.12.10.MULTISET UNION table collection
26.12.11.SET operator removes any duplicates from the set and returns a new set with unique values
26.12.12.SET(table collection)