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26.23.Table of Number
26.23.1.An example of declaring an Index-by table
26.23.2.Initializing a Nested Table
26.23.3.NULL and Empty Nested Tables and NULL elements
26.23.4.Is a table collection a null value
26.23.5.ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection
26.23.6.Initialize table collection with null value
26.23.7.Accessing an Index-by table
26.23.8.Accessing an entire Index-by table
26.23.9.Accessing an undefined row of an Index-by table

26.23.10.Assigning rows of an Index-By table by means of a LOOP
26.23.11.Deleting an Index-by table using an empty Index-by table
26.23.12.Using the EXISTS method
26.23.13.An example of COUNT method
26.23.14.An example of the DELETE method
26.23.15.An example of the FIRST, LAST and NEXT methods
26.23.16.number_list.EXTEND(2): Add two null value members at the end of the list.
26.23.17.number_list.EXTEND(3,4): Add three members at the end of the list and copy the contents of item 4
26.23.18.Associative arrays
26.23.19.Accessing Nested Table elements

26.23.20.ORA-06533: Subscript beyond count two tables of integers
26.23.22.Loop through table of number by index