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27.3.Function Return
27.3.1.Return Types
27.3.2.Returning values with functions
27.3.3.Return number from a function
27.3.4.Return value from a function
27.3.5.Multiple RETURN Statements
27.3.6.Returning a list based on parameters
27.3.7.Return date value from a function
27.3.8.A pipelined Table Function that returns a PL/SQL type
27.3.9.Return column type

27.3.10.Statements after Return will not be executed
27.3.11.create a function to return a employee record. accept employee numner return all fields.
27.3.12.Return a table collection
27.3.13.Demonstrate returning a record.
27.3.14.Return cursor from function
27.3.15.Return user-defined type