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27.10.2.Private Versus Public Package Objects
27.10.3.Package State
27.10.4.Recompiling Packages
27.10.5.All packages can be recompiled by using the Oracle utility dbms_utility:
27.10.6.Creating a Package Specification
27.10.7.Creating a Package Body
27.10.8.Creating Packages and call its functions
27.10.9.Calling Functions and Procedures in a Package

27.10.10.A Package Specification and its body
27.10.11.Overloading Packaged Subprograms
27.10.12.Calls procedure in a package
27.10.13.Dropping a Package
27.10.14.Calling a Cursor Declared in a Different Package
27.10.15.Reference fields and methods in package
27.10.16.Controlling access to packages
27.10.17.Globals Stored in a Package
27.10.18.A Subtypes Example
27.10.19.Generate Random number

27.10.20.Crosss reference between two packages
27.10.21.package RECURSION
27.10.22.Using RESTRICT_REFERENCES in a Package
27.10.23.PLS-00452: Subprogram 'GETNAME' violates its associated pragma
27.10.24.Dynamically create packages