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Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial
2.Query Select
4.Insert Update Delete
7.Table Joins
10.SQL Data Types
11.Character String Functions
12.Aggregate Functions
13.Date Timestamp Functions
14.Numerical Math Functions
15.Conversion Functions
16.Analytical Functions
17.Miscellaneous Functions
18.Regular Expressions Functions
19.Statistical Functions
20.Linear Regression Functions
21.PL SQL Data Types
22.PL SQL Statements
23.PL SQL Operators
24.PL SQL Programming
27.Function Procedure Packages
29.SQL PLUS Session Environment
30.System Tables Data Dictionary
31.System Packages
32.Object Oriented
34.Large Objects
36.User Privilege
Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial » Object Oriented » Object Type 
32.1.Object Type
32.1.1.Creating Object Types
32.1.2.Object instances and initialization
32.1.3.Nested object
32.1.4.Declare a function.
32.1.5.The MEMBER FUNCTION clause declares the getByDate() function.
32.1.6.The body defines the code for the method, and a body is created using the CREATE TYPE BODY statement.
32.1.7.Create a synonym and a public synonym for a type
32.1.8.Using DESCRIBE to Get Information on Object Types
32.1.9.Object types with member functions
32.1.10.add attribute
32.1.11.drop attribute
32.1.12.Object elements are referenced by using variable.attribute and variable.method notation.
32.1.13.Call data type member function in PL/SQL
32.1.14.Call data type constructor to initialize it
32.1.15.You must create an instance of the object first. With object types, you cannot just start assigning values to attributes.
32.1.16.You can set the depth to which DESCRIBE will show information using SET DESCRIBE DEPTH.
32.1.17.Use objects in SQL, First, you can use object types as attributes in a traditional relational way)
32.1.18.Alternatively, you can create an object table.
32.1.19.Use Object PL/SQL
32.1.20.Retrieve object as a whole
32.1.21.Using Objects
32.1.22.Combine user-defined type to create new type
32.1.23.Use self to reference member variable
32.1.24.Overloading based on user defined object types.
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