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34.4.1.Creating Tables Containing CLOB Objects
34.4.2.Initialize CLOB column
34.4.3.Read clob data to varchar2 type variable
34.4.4.Read clob type data, DBMS_LOB.READ
34.4.5.Adding Content to a CLOB
34.4.6.Loading data to the CLOB by using BFILE
34.4.7.Performing basic string operations on CLOBs
34.4.8.Reading and Writing to a CLOB
34.4.9.Obtain Clob data pointer

34.4.10.close Clob data pointer
34.4.11.Open the CLOB
34.4.12.Insert into clob column
34.4.13.Update clob data
34.4.14.Compare date value after to_char() and trim()
34.4.15.Convert string to clob
34.4.16.Copy clob data