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3.9.Error Exception
3.9.1.Catching Exceptions with try..except
3.9.2.ZeroDivisionError: division by any numeric zero
3.9.3.IndexError: request for an out-of-range index for sequence
3.9.4.KeyError: request for a non-existent dictionary key
3.9.6.IOError: input/output error
3.9.7.AttributeError: attempt to access an unknown object attribute
3.9.8.try-except Statement
3.9.9.try Statement with Multiple excepts

3.9.10.except Statement with Multiple Exceptions
3.9.11.replace our single error string with the string representation of the exception argument.
3.9.12.Demonstrating a programmer-defined exception class.
3.9.13.Exceptions Can Be Classes
3.9.14.Exception Classes
3.9.15.String-Based Exceptions
3.9.16.Working with the Exception Information