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14.9.1.Starting a Web browser.
14.9.2.Windows-specific function os.startfile:
14.9.3.Using the os.execvp(path, args) to execute the application update.exe with a command-line parameter of -verbose
14.9.4.list directories
14.9.5.Execute system command with os.system()
14.9.6.Here is an example executing a DOS command
14.9.7.os.popen() a pipe
14.9.8.Operating System Interface
14.9.9.Process Management

14.9.10.Run application from host
14.9.11.Run shell command
14.9.12.fork a thread
14.9.13.Uses the system function to clear the screen.
14.9.14.Opens a Web page in a system-specific editor
14.9.15.Demonstrating popen and popen2.