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14.18.2.time.time() returns the current system time
14.18.3.time.localtime(secs) returns the time in the form of (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, day of week, day of year, daylight savings).
14.18.4.time.ctime(secs) returns the time, specified by secs since the UTC, as a formatted, printable string.
14.18.5.time.clock() returns the current CPU time as a floating-point number that can be used for various timing functions
14.18.6.time.sleep(sec) forces the current process to sleep for the number of seconds specified by the floating-point number secs
14.18.7.Random time
14.18.8.Creating a New Time
14.18.9.You can print the time values using the strftime() method.

14.18.10.Time Operations
14.18.11.sleep() method of time module example