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Find a tree node
import wx

class TestFrame(wx.Frame):
    def __init__(self):
        wx.Frame.__init__(self, None, title="tree: misc tests", size=(400,500))

        il = wx.ImageList(16,16)

        self.fldridx = il.Add(wx.ArtProvider.GetBitmap(wx.ART_FOLDER, wx.ART_OTHER, (16,16)))
        self.fldropenidx = il.Add(wx.ArtProvider.GetBitmap(wx.ART_FILE_OPEN,   wx.ART_OTHER, (16,16)))
        self.fileidx = il.Add(wx.ArtProvider.GetBitmap(wx.ART_NORMAL_FILE, wx.ART_OTHER, (16,16)))
        self.tree = wx.TreeCtrl(self, style=wx.TR_DEFAULT_STYLE | wx.TR_EDIT_LABELS)


        root = self.tree.AddRoot("wx.Object")
        self.tree.SetItemPyData(root, None)
        self.tree.SetItemImage(root, self.fldridx,wx.TreeItemIcon_Normal)
        self.tree.SetItemImage(root, self.fldropenidx,wx.TreeItemIcon_Expanded)
        tree = ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H"]

        self.AddTreeNodes(root, tree)


        menu = wx.Menu()
        mi = menu.Append(-1, "Find all Children")
        self.Bind(wx.EVT_MENU, self.OnFindChildren, mi)
        mb = wx.MenuBar()
        mb.Append(menu, "Tests")


    def OnFindChildren(self, evt):
        item = self.tree.GetSelection()
        if item:


    def PrintAllItems(self, parent, indent=0):
        text = self.tree.GetItemText(parent)
        print ' ' * indent, text
        indent += 4
        item, cookie = self.tree.GetFirstChild(parent)
        while item:
            if self.tree.ItemHasChildren(item):
                self.PrintAllItems(item, indent)
                text = self.tree.GetItemText(item)
                print ' ' * indent, text
            item, cookie = self.tree.GetNextChild(parent, cookie)


    def AddTreeNodes(self, parentItem, items):
        for item in items:
            if type(item) == str:
                newItem = self.tree.AppendItem(parentItem, item)
                self.tree.SetItemPyData(newItem, None)
                self.tree.SetItemImage(newItem, self.fileidx,wx.TreeItemIcon_Normal)
                newItem = self.tree.AppendItem(parentItem, item[0])
                self.tree.SetItemPyData(newItem, None)
                self.tree.SetItemImage(newItem, self.fldridx,wx.TreeItemIcon_Normal)
                self.tree.SetItemImage(newItem, self.fldropenidx,wx.TreeItemIcon_Expanded)
                self.AddTreeNodes(newItem, item[1])

app = wx.PySimpleApp(redirect=True)
frame = TestFrame()

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