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9.7.1.What happens to the file system when the following code is run and the myFile object is created?
9.7.2.Answer: file object and file instance
9.7.3.What is the result of trying to compile and run this code?
9.7.4.Answer: url and RandomAccessFile
9.7.5.System.out is a PrintStream(True/False).
9.7.6.Answer: System.out stream
9.7.7.System.out is an OutputStream(True/False).
9.7.8.Answer: System.out(2)
9.7.9.System.out is a FilterOutputStream(True/False).

9.7.10.Answer: System.out(3)
9.7.11.Which of the following objects can't be used in the constructor of a DataInputStream object?
9.7.12.Answer: DataInputStream
9.7.13.Which of the following Java entities are not abstract classes or interfaces?
9.7.14.Answer: abstract class and I/O classes