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Structure CheckRecord
    Dim intCheckNumber As Integer
    Dim dteCheckDate As Date
    Dim sngCheckAmount As Single
    Dim strCheckPaidTo As String
End Structure

public class Test
   public Shared Sub Main

        Dim udtCheck As CheckRecord

        'Add data to the structure.
        udtCheck.intCheckNumber = 275
        udtCheck.dteCheckDate = #9/12/2001#
        udtCheck.sngCheckAmount = 104.25
        udtCheck.strCheckPaidTo = "Gas Co."

        Console.WriteLine("CHECK INFORMATION")
        Console.WriteLine("Number: " & udtCheck.intCheckNumber)
        Console.WriteLine("Date: " & udtCheck.dteCheckDate)
        Console.WriteLine("Amount: " & udtCheck.sngCheckAmount)
        Console.WriteLine("Paid To: " & udtCheck.strCheckPaidTo)

   End Sub
End class
Number: 275
Date: 12/09/2001
Amount: 104.25
Paid To: Gas Co.

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