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8.6.Array Sort Reverse
8.6.1.Reverse the contents of an array
8.6.2.Array Reverse and Sort
8.6.4.Array.Sort and Array.IndexOf
8.6.5.Linear search of an array
8.6.6.Demonstrating binary search of an array
8.6.7.Sort only part of the Array
8.6.8.Sort the values in an Array using the default comparer and a custom comparer that reverses the sort order.
8.6.9.Sort<(Of <(T>)>)(array[]()[]) and BinarySearch<(Of <(T>)>)(array[]()[], T)

8.6.10.Sort two associated arrays where the first array contains keys and the second array contains values
8.6.11.Determine the index of the first occurrence of a specified element.
8.6.12.Three generic overloads of the LastIndexOf method from Array