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17.36.1.Create Font with font name, size and styleCreate Font with font name, size and style
17.36.2.Create Font from FontCreate Font from Font
17.36.3.Set font name, size and styleSet font name, size and style
17.36.4.Font Size
17.36.5.Get Font informationGet Font information
17.36.6.Displaying font metric informationDisplaying font metric information
17.36.7.Use CheckBox to Set FontUse CheckBox to Set Font
17.36.8.Font 3DFont 3D
17.36.9.CellAscent, Descent, EmHeight, LineSpacingCellAscent, Descent, EmHeight, LineSpacing

17.36.10.Use RadioButton to control fontUse RadioButton to control font
17.36.11.Use CheckBox to control fontUse CheckBox to control font