Android Tutorial - Android Resource

The following list has some of the key resources.

  • Resource Type: Colors
    Location: /res/values/any-file
  • Resource Type: Strings
    Location: /res/values/any-file
  • Resource Type: String arrays
    Location: /res/values/any-file
  • Resource Type: Plurals
    Location: /res/values/any-file
  • Resource Type: Dimensions
    Location: /res/values/any-file
  • Resource Type: Images
    Location: /res/drawable/multiple-files
  • Resource Type:Color drawables
    Location: /res/values/any-file or /res/drawable/multiple-files
  • Resource Type: Arbitrary XML files
    Location: /res/xml/*.xml
  • Resource Type:Arbitrary raw resources
  • Resource Type:Arbitrary raw assets

Compiled and Uncompiled Android Resources

Android supports resources primarily through two types of files: XML files and raw files. The raw files might be images, audio, and video.

Some of the XML file gets compiled into binary format, and the other is copied as-is to the device.

For example, string resource XML files and layout resource XML files are compiled into binary format before becoming part of the installable package.
These XML files have predefined formats where XML nodes can be translated to IDs.

You can compile your own strutured XML to binary formats and use the power of localization. To do this, you can place these XML files in the /res/xml/ subdirectory. In this case, you would use Android-supplied XML readers to read the XML nodes.

But if you place files, including XML files, in the /res/raw/ directory instead, they don't get compiled into binary format. However, because it's a resource, Android generates an ID through

The resource type for raw files is raw and we can access these file identities through R.raw.some-filename-minus-extension. But, you must use explicit stream-based APIs to read these files. Audio and video files fall into this category.

Since the raw directory is part of the /res/* hierarchy, even these raw audio and video files can use localization and ID generation like all other resources.