Android Tutorial - Android Drawable Resources

Create rounded corners in your Drawable

To achieve the rounded corners in your Drawable, you can use the currently undocumented <shape> tag.

This tag needs to reside in a file by itself in the /res/drawable directory.

The following code shows how you can use the <shape> tag to define a rounded rectangle in a file called /res/drawable/my_rounded_rectangle.xml.

<shape xmlns:android="">
    <solid android:color="#f0600000"/>
    <stroke android:width="3dp" color="#ffff8080"/>
    <corners android:radius="13dp" />
    <padding android:left="10dp" 
             android:bottom="10dp" />

You can then use this drawable resource as a background of the previous text view example, as follows.

GradientDrawable roundedRectangle = (GradientDrawable)


In the end, a bitmap image in the drawable subdirectory resolves to a BitmapDrawable class. A drawable resource value, such as one of the rectangles, resolves to a ColorDrawable.

An XML file with a <shape> tag in it resolves to a GradientDrawable.