CSS Property

Property Description CSS
align-content align content inside a flexible container3
align-items Align items inside a flexible container3
align-self align selected items inside a flexible container3
animation-delay Set when the animation will start3
animation-direction play animation in reverse on alternate cycles3
animation-duration Set duration in seconds or milliseconds for an animation in one cycle3
animation-fill-mode Set what values to use by the animation is not playing3
animation-iteration-count Set the number of times to play an animation3
animation-name Set a name for the @keyframes animation3
animation-play-state Run or pause the animation3
animation-timing-function Set the speed curve of the animation3
animation Shorthand property for all the animation properties3
backface-visibility Hide or show an element which is not facing the screen3
background-attachment Fix or scroll background image with the rest of the page1
background-clip Set the painting area of the background3
background-color Set the background color1
background-image Set the background image1
background-origin Set the positioning area of the background images3
background-position Set the starting position of a background image1
background-repeat how to repeat a background image1
background-size Set the size of the background images3
background background properties in one declaration1
border-bottom-color Sets the color of the bottom border1
border-bottom-left-radius Set the border radius for the bottom-left corner3
border-bottom-right-radius Set the border radius for the bottom-right corner3
border-bottom-style Set the border bottom style1
border-bottom-width Set the width for bottom border1
border-bottom Shorthand property for bottom border1
border-collapse collapse table borders2
border-color Sets the color for the four borders1
border-image-outset Set distance the border image area extends beyond the border box3
border-image-repeat repeat, round or stretch image-border3
border-image-slice Set the inward offsets of the image-border3
border-image-source Set border image location3
border-image-width Set the widths of the image-border3
border-image Shorthand property for all the border-image-* properties3
border-left-color Set color for left border1
border-left-style Set style for left border1
border-left-width Set width for left border1
border-left Shorthand property for left border1
border-radius shorthand property for setting all the four border-*-radius properties3
border-right-color Set color for right border1
border-right-style Set style for right border1
border-right-width Set width for right border1
border-right Shorthand property for right border1
border-spacing Set the distance between the borders of adjacent cells2
border-style Set style for all four borders1
border-top-color Set color for top border1
border-top-left-radius Set border radius for top left3
border-top-right-radius Set border radius for top right3
border-top-style Set style for top border1
border-top-width Set width for top border1
border-top Shorthand property for top border1
border-width Set border width for all four directions1
border Shorthand border setting1
bottom Set the bottom position of a positioned element2
box-shadow Add drop-shadows to the box3
box-sizing Set what the sizing properties (width and height) should use3
caption-side Set the position of a table caption2
clear Start new line1
clip-path Set the path for clipping3
clip Clips an absolutely positioned element3
color Set the color for text1
column-count Set the number of columns an element should have3
column-fill How to fill columns3
column-gap Set the gap between the columns3
column-rule-color Set the line color between columns3
column-rule-style Set the line style between columns3
column-rule-width Set the line width between columns3
column-rule Shorthand property for lines between columns
column-span Set how many columns an element should span3
column-width Set the width of the columns3
columns Shorthand property for setting column-width and column-count3
content Used with the :before and :after pseudo-elements, to insert content2
counter-increment Increments one or more counters2
counter-reset Creates or resets one or more counters2
cursor Set the type of cursor2
direction Specifies the text direction2
display Set how to show elements1
empty-cells display borders and background on empty cells in a table2
filter Add filter effect3
flex-basis Set the initial length of a flexible item3
flex-direction Set the direction of the flexible items3
flex-flow Shorthand property for the flex-direction and the flex-wrap properties3
flex-grow How much to grow relative to the rest3
flex-shrink how to shrink relative to the rest3
flex-wrap whether to wrap the flexible items3
flex Set the length of the item3
float Set whether or not to float an element1
@font-face Load font from web3
font-family Set the font family for text1
font-size-adjust Set the readability of text when font fallback occurs3
font-size Set the font size of text1
font-stretch Choose a normal, condensed, or expanded face for a font family3
font-style Set the font style for text1
font-variant Set to use a small-caps font1
font-weight Set the weight of a font1
font Shorthand property for font1
hanging-punctuation Set whether a punctuation character may be placed outside the line box3
height Set the height of an element1
justify-content Set the alignment between the items inside a flexible container3
@keyframes Create key frame for animation3
left Set the left position of a positioned element2
letter-spacing Set the space between characters in a text1
line-height Sets the line height1
list-style-image Set an image as the list-item marker1
list-style-position Set list-item markers to be inside or outside1
list-style-type Set the type of list-item marker1
list-style Sets list properties in one declaration1
margin-bottom Set the margin for bottom1
margin-left Set the left margin1
margin-right Set the right margin1
margin-top Set the top margin1
margin Set margin for four directions1
max-height Set the max height2
max-width Set the max width2
@media Set the media rule2
min-height Set the min height2
min-width Set the min width2
opacity Sets the opacity level3
order Sets the order of the flexible item3
outline-color Set the outline color3
outline-offset Set the outline offset3
outline-style Set the outline style3
outline-width Set outline width3
outline Shorthand property for outline3
overflow-x Settings for content overflowing in right3
overflow-y Settings for content overflowing in bottom3
overflow Overflow settings in both directions3
padding-bottom Set padding for bottom1
padding-left Set left padding1
padding-right Set right padding1
padding-top Set top padding1
padding Padding shorthand property settings1
page-break-after Add page break after an element2
page-break-before Add page break before an element2
page-break-inside Add page break within an element2
perspective-origin Set the bottom position of 3D elements3
perspective perspective on how 3D elements3
position Set the type of positioning method: static, relative, absolute or fixed2
quotes Sets the type of quotation marks for embedded quotations2
resize if element is resizable by the user3
right Sets the right padding of an element1
tab-size Set the tab char size3
table-layout Set the layout algorithm for a table2
text-align-last how the last line is aligned3
text-align horizontal alignment of text1
text-decoration-color Set the color of the text-decoration3
text-decoration-line Set the line style for text-decoration3
text-decoration-style Set decoration style3
text-decoration Shorthand property for decoration3
text-indent Set text index size1
text-justify Set the justification method3
text-overflow Set what to do for overflowed content3
text-shadow Add shadow to text3
text-transform Set the capitalization of text1
top Set the top position of a positioned element2
transform-origin Set the position on transformed elements3
transform-style Set the style for transformation3
transform Shorthand property for transformation3
transition-delay Delay before the transition3
transition-duration Set the duration of the transition3
transition-property Set the name of the CSS property in the transition effect3
transition-timing-function Set the speed curve of the transition effect3
transition Shorthand property for setting the four transition properties3
unicode-bidi Together with the direction property to override text direction2
vertical-align Sets the vertical alignment of an element1
visibility Show or hide an element2
white-space Set how to handle white-space1
width Set the width of an element1
word-break Set line breaking rules for non-CJK scripts3
word-spacing Set the space between words in a text1
word-wrap Break long, unbreakable words3
zoom How to zoom element3