Java I/O How to - Java Byte Array Example

  1. Java Calculate Checksum CRC32
  2. Java Calculate the Checksum of a Byte Array (Compute Adler-32 checksum)
  3. Java Compress a Byte Array
  4. Java Convert InputStream to Byte array
  5. Java Decompress a Byte Array
  6. Java Get an array of bytes corresponding to the given object
  7. Java Read byte array from a file using DataInputStream
  8. Java Read file as bytes
  9. Java Read file to byte array and save back with java.nio.file.Files
  10. Java Read int from byte array
  11. Java Read max bytes from input stream and return byte array
  12. Java Write byte array to a file with FileChannel via RandomAccessFile
  13. Java Write byte array to file using BufferedOutputStream
  14. Java Write string to byte array stream and read back