Java I/O How to - Java Console Example

  1. Java Create a Console menu
  2. Java Format Console output
  3. Java Make a beep by printing the ASCII Bell character to the console
  4. Java Print out the console parameters
  5. Java Prompt Password input
  6. Java Read an int from Standard Input with BufferedReader
  7. Java Read an int from Standard Input with Scanner
  8. Java Read char from keyboard input with BufferedInputStream
  9. Java Read console input with InputStreamReader
  10. Java Read line from Console via Console.readLine method
  11. Java Read number from console
  12. Java Read username and password via Console class
  13. Java Read user input char value from console via
  14. Java Read value from console with Scanner
  15. Java Redirect the output of System.out to a file
  16. Java Take a string and put it in the
  17. Java Turn System.out into a PrintWriter
  18. Java Write formatted output directly to the console and to a file