Java I/O How to - Java read Example

  1. Java Compare two files for equal
  2. Java Display file contents in hexadecimal
  3. Java Read a Binary File with ByteBuffer
  4. Java Read a text file from the back
  5. Java Read byte array from file
  6. Java Read char array from a file
  7. Java Read float/long/char/byte/int/double/UTF/boolean from a file
  8. Java Read from two stream as one SequenceInputStream
  9. Java Read full file content to string
  10. Java Read int from a Buffered Stream
  11. Java Read int from buffered stream
  12. Java Read int from Byte Array
  13. Java Read one byte from a file
  14. Java Read Serializable object from a file
  15. Java Read unsigned byte from file
  16. Java Skip n bytes while reading the file
  17. Java Split the strings in a file and read them