Java HTML / XML How to - Java JAXB Example

  1. Java Annotate a list using @XmlElement
  2. Java Bind class hierarchy using JaxB
  3. Java Bind CSV format as text node in an XML element
  4. Java Bind JAXB abstract class with @XmlTransient
  5. Java Bind Jaxb and unordered set with separate lists for every element
  6. Java Bind JAXB Multiline Attribute
  7. Java Catch jaxb catch exception if field is not found in java class
  8. Java Change programmatically the default JAXB date serialization
  9. Java Check a java value with an xml schema using JAXB
  10. Java Control JAXB dateTime format after XML generation
  11. Java Control JAXB element value field
  12. Java Convert Java Code to XML/XSD without using Annotation
  13. Java Convert java.util.Date to javax.xml.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendar
  14. Java Convert Simple Java to XML
  15. Java Convert yes/no during Jaxb unmarshalling
  16. Java Create Dynamic object from XML
  17. Java Create JAXBElement from String
  18. Java Create Parent child relation, superclass elements in serialization, in Binding
  19. Java Create valid xml using xsd schema
  20. Java Create XML file using java and JAXB
  21. Java Create XML Serializer
  22. Java Deal with Duplicated field in generated XML using JAXB
  23. Java Deal with linebreaks in strings
  24. Java Detect the Invalid Value in jaxb
  25. Java Do auto increment id in XML using jaxb
  26. Java Do xml serialization null handling
  27. Java Escape String in JAXB
  28. Java Force JAXB to Interpret Empty Element as Null not Empty String
  29. Java Format JAXB output
  30. Java Get attribute value by element
  31. Java Get on null value in JAXB generated model
  32. Java Handle JaxB gMonth validation error
  33. Java Handle null in JAXB Marshaller
  34. Java Handle Unmarshaller Event
  35. Java Ignore a parent class when Serializing to XML
  36. Java Make an optional attribute required if another optional attribute is set
  37. Java Map Generic Collections
  38. Java Map JAXB java.util.Map to key value pairs
  39. Java Map two xmls with different rootelement name to the same java object
  40. Java Mark method with @XmlElement
  41. Java Marshalling selected fields only, using JAXB
  42. Java Marshall/ and unMarshall
  43. Java Marshall an objectgraph with Java XML binding to a specific depth
  44. Java Marshal an object via JAXB without any information about it
  45. Java Marshal a JAXB object to org.w3c.dom.Document
  46. Java Marshal combined Object
  47. Java Marshal enum value
  48. Java Marshal Java object to xml and output to console and file
  49. Java Marshal object array
  50. Java Marshal with XSD choice field in class
  51. Java Obtain Java Class name from QName
  52. Java Output List item using jaxb
  53. Java Output org.w3c.dom.Element to string format
  54. Java Parse an xml with only root element
  55. Java Parse a String containing XML in Java and retrieve the value of the root node
  56. Java Parse xml result received from client
  57. Java Read/write multilevel xml file via Jaxb
  58. Java Remove standalone="yes" from jaxb generated xml
  59. Java Represent a Hierarchy of Objects in an XML Schema for JAXB
  60. Java Serialize HashTable to XML
  61. Java Set attribute name for JAXB Binding
  62. Java Set namespace for XML root element
  63. Java Specify that JAXB should only print an attribute if it doesn't have a specific value
  64. Java Suppress XSI and xmlns in JAXB
  65. Java Unmarshall Empty List Java Object
  66. Java Unmarshall nested list of xml items using JAXB
  67. Java Unmarshal xml to Java object
  68. Java Unmarshal XML using JAXB
  69. Java Unmarshal xml without mapping the root xml element
  70. Java Use hashmap properties with JAXB
  71. Java Use JAXBContext to generate Schema
  72. Java Use JAXB: empty tags with no xsi:nil
  73. Java Use JAXB Fragment Marshal w/o namespace
  74. Java Use JAXB generic @XmlValue
  75. Java Use JAXB inheritance + element rename
  76. Java Use jaxb to bind random string to xs:boolean 'true'
  77. Java Use JAXB to unmarshall xml without xml declaration
  78. Java Use JAXB to Unmarshal @XmlAnyElement
  79. Java Use JAXB unmarshal XML
  80. Java Use JAXB with abstract method override
  81. Java Use JAXB @XmlAdapter for arbitrary XML
  82. Java Use nested class in the JAXB
  83. Java Use Unmarshaller and schema in JAXB
  84. Java Use @XmlElements to mark with @XmlJavaTypeAdapters
  85. Java Use @XmlIDREF and @XmlList in JAXB to represent Object List
  86. Java Validate XML against Schema for JAXB entity
  87. Java Write an xml annotation for a self-contained tag with attributes