Java HTML / XML How to - Java StAX Example

  1. Java Check the start element and tag name
  2. Java Compare structure of two XML files
  3. Java Create XML document with StAX
  4. Java Create XML document with XMLEventWriter
  5. Java Create XML document with XMLStreamWriter
  6. Java Detect End element by Stax
  7. Java Escape String in StAX
  8. Java Flatten any xml record
  9. Java Get Embeded/nested XML from a big XML file using SAX parser
  10. Java Get xml node as string in Stax
  11. Java Implement EventFilter and StreamFilter
  12. Java Implement StAX EventFilter
  13. Java Output StAX event type
  14. Java Output XML escape code
  15. Java Parse XML and populating into Map
  16. Java Parse XML using XmlPullParser
  17. Java Parse XML with StAX parser
  18. Java Read a big XML file using stax and dom
  19. Java Remove elements and their children from Xml with Stax
  20. Java Resolve Entity
  21. Java Transform by starting tag
  22. Java Use Xmlpull Parser to parse XML from URL
  23. Java Write unescaped XML to XMLStreamWriter