Java HTML / XML How to - Java SAX Example

  1. Java Add namespace prefix XML String using XML DOM
  2. Java Configure SAX parser factory to produce alternate parser
  3. Java Convert XML string to XML file
  4. Java Create Simple Server for Hosting XML
  5. Java Create user object in SAX parser handler
  6. Java Display all SAX parser action
  7. Java Extend DefaultHandler and handle SAX errors during parsing
  8. Java Extend DefaultHandler and use XML locator to indicate current parser position
  9. Java Generate/get xpath from XML node with SAX Parser
  10. Java Get DOCTYPE details using SAX (JDK 7)
  11. Java Get features of the SAX parser implementation
  12. Java Get SAX feature from SAX Parser Factory
  13. Java Implement ContentHandler to Display the Input from a SAX Parser
  14. Java Implement ErrorHandler Interface for SAX parser
  15. Java Parse simple XML file with Java and SAX
  16. Java Read attributes of a given XML element
  17. Java Replace Elements in a XML document with String
  18. Java Report a missing DTD files