Node.js Tutorial - Node.js Globals

Node.js has a few key global variables that are always available to you.


JavaScript in web browsers have the window object as a "global" variable.

Any variables or members attached to global are available anywhere in the application.

Node.js has the global object.

Anything attached to it is available anywhere in your node application:

function printit(var_name) {// www. ja v  a2s.  c o m

global.HTML = "H";
global.CSS = "C";


The code above generates the following result.


Node.js has global variable console.

console.log function can output string to the console window or debug window from browser.

console.warn(msg) prints on stderr .

console.time(label) marks a time stamp and console.timeEnd(label) prints out the elapsed time since the time function was called.

console.assert(cond,message ) throws an AssertionFailure exception if cond evaluates to false.