Node.js Tutorial - Node.js os Module

The os module provides a few basic operating-system related utility functions and properties.

You can access it using a require('os') call.


For example, to get the current system memory usage, use os.totalmem() and os.freemem() functions.

var os = require('os'); 
var gigaByte = 1 / (Math.pow(1024, 3)); 
console.log('Total Memory', os.totalmem() * gigaByte, 'GBs'); 
console.log('Available Memory', os.freemem() * gigaByte, 'GBs'); 
console.log('Percent consumed', 100 * (1 - os.freemem() / os.totalmem())); 

The code above generates the following result.


A vital facility provided by the os module is information about the number of CPUs available.

var os = require('os'); 
console.log('This machine has', os.cpus().length, 'CPUs');