Node.js Tutorial - Node.js fs Module

The fs module provides access to the file system.

Use require('fs') to load this module.

The fs module has functions for renaming files, deleting files, reading files, and writing to files.

The following code shows how to write to the file system and read from the file system.

var fs = require('fs'); 
fs.writeFileSync('a.js', 'Hello fs!'); 

fs module has asynchronous as well as synchronous functions with the -Sync postfix for dealing with the file system.


As an example, to delete a file you can use unlink or unlinkSync.

var fs = require('fs'); 
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try { 
    console.log('test.txt successfully deleted'); 
} catch (err) { 
    console.log('Error:', err); 

fs.unlink('./test1.txt', function (err) { 
    if (err) {
       console.log('Error:', err); 
    } else {
       console.log('test.txt successfully deleted'); 


The async version takes a callback and is passed the error object if there is one.