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1.Perl 5 Dereferencing Operators
2.Perl 5 Reference Assignments
3.Reference is a scalar variable
4.Increments Reference
5.Nested reference
6.References to references
7.References, Pointers
8.Creating and Dereferencing Pointers
9.Creating and dereferencing a reference

10.Creating reference for arrays
11.Demonstrates the reference syntax
12.Dereference pointer
13.Dereferencing a Reference
14.Dereferencing the Pointer
15.Direct Reference Techniques
16.Direct Scalar References
17.Exchange reference
18.Get a reference to a file handle by using '$ioreference = *name{IO};'
19.Get reference of a range
20.Get the reference of the return value from substr
21.Get the reference to a scalar by using the form '$scalarreference = *name{SCALAR};'
22.Get the reference to a subroutine by using the form '$codereference = *name{CODE};'
23.Get the value from a reference
24.A reference is a scalar variable pointing-or refering to-something else
25.Reference Modification
26.Using $$ to get the value of the reference