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GNU General Public License

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Java Source Code

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import android.content.Context;

import java.util.List;

import pro.dbro.ble.protocol.IdentityPacket;
import pro.dbro.ble.protocol.MessagePacket;
import pro.dbro.ble.protocol.Protocol;

 * Data persistence layer. Any data storage mechanism
 * needs to implement this interface.
 * Created by davidbrodsky on 10/20/14.
public abstract class DataStore {

    protected Context mContext;

    public DataStore(@NonNull Context context) {
        mContext = context.getApplicationContext();

    public abstract void markMessageDeliveredToPeer(@NonNull MessagePacket message, @NonNull IdentityPacket recipient);

    public abstract void markIdentityDeliveredToPeer(@NonNull IdentityPacket payloadIdentity, @NonNull IdentityPacket recipientIdentity);

    public abstract Peer createLocalPeerWithAlias(@NonNull String alias, @Nullable Protocol protocol);

    public abstract Peer getPrimaryLocalPeer();

    public abstract List<MessagePacket> getOutgoingMessagesForPeer(@NonNull Peer recipient, int maxMessages);

    public abstract List<IdentityPacket> getOutgoingIdentitiesForPeer(@NonNull Peer recipient, int maxMessages);

    public abstract MessageCollection getRecentMessages();

    public abstract Peer createOrUpdateRemotePeerWithProtocolIdentity(@NonNull IdentityPacket identityPacket);

    public abstract Message createOrUpdateMessageWithProtocolMessage(@NonNull MessagePacket protocolMessagePacket);

    public abstract Message getMessageBySignature(@NonNull byte[] signature);

    public abstract Message getMessageById(int id);

    public abstract Peer getPeerByPubKey(@NonNull byte[] publicKey);

    public abstract Peer getPeerById(int id);


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